4th semester collection concept – „Beauty will save the world“

The theme for the 4th semester collection concept is based on the quotation of a Russian literati – „Beauty will save the world“. The collection name „Wonderland“ accrued to the variegation of the design. The outfit combines aspects of western clothing in conjunction with several different beauty characteristics of ancient cultures.

For example, the wooden nose plugs of the Apatani (the original people of today`s territory of Indian) are one of the key details within the design. The women of the Apatani were valid as awfully pretty and for that reason they got plugs in their nose to become “ugly“ and arising forms this protect from abduction. Furthermore, the scarification of the skin (originated in Sudan) is an important component in this outfit, too. During the act of scarification members get scratched with a hot knife. The bleeding of the individual pattern is being stopped by rubbing the skin with ash. As a result, three-dimensional scars patterns arise and symbolize an ideal of beauty.

The top hat consists of a construct of acrylic rods which were woven with strips of cloth. The pants are made of leather in conjunction with a combination of two jerseys and the shirt is made of silk chiffon. However, the oversized vest is made of a stiff cotton fabric and creates the foundation for the variations of body modifications.