6th semester fashion design with textiles (CSM London) – “Time Machine – Shirt”

The theme for the subject textile design was „Time Machine“ and presented the request to create an innovative shirt form. Before the investigation could begin, it was strictly forbidden to use other media besides books, picture books or self-recorded images. The work under abstinence of the Internet has affected the work process enormously. Without the over-stimulation through images from the Internet, it was possible to find exciting new incentives by searching through the libraries. The gathered research material had to be re-edited afterwards. Regarding this, the images were processed in collages and created new images to bring the original inspiration to a new level. By using non-specialist materials combined with 3D experiments, new forms, structures, processes and ideas should be explored to innovate the predetermined shape of the project.

The front of the shirt is made of two coarse silk fabrics in two different lengths and forms a third stage to the back. The button line in the centre front consists of incorporated loops in the underlap, which will be pulled through the gaps in the additionally introduced seam of the overlap and fixed via a chain cord mix. In addition, long fringes have been processed in the top layer of the front. The yoke, collar and sleeves are made of a black cotton fabric and form a boundary between the front and back. The back is manufactured as patchwork and consists of three basic components. On the one hand the individual segments are embroidered with revamped lollipop sticks and otherwise tied in two different coloured carpets. For this purpose individual threads were pulled out of the remaining materials of the front part and then re-introduced in the back. The shoe covers are made of the used materials of the shirt and thus grounding the outfit.