6th semester fashion design 2 (CSM London) – “Lost & Found LONDON”

For the course Fashion Design 2 a historical place in London should be chosen even if it does not have mandatory equal importance to the present time. For this outfit the „Magnificent Seven“ were used as a source of inspiration. Here it concerns seven cemeteries which were built between 1832-1841 in and around then London to curb diseases and epidemics through proper funerals. Today’s partly overgrown and neglected cemeteries house next to tombs of important people, a variety of magnificent architecture and create in conjunction with their expiration a mystical atmosphere. These impressions were then processed in drawings and 3D experiments which inspired the collection for this course.

The asymmetric running pattern in the upper part of the dress is made of goat leather with a historic print. Starting from the front part, straps are leading around the waist and the back and entwine the body. Based on the shaping of the black chiffon and the lacing of the waist a different side length is caused.