Wool School Project 2013 – „Superwool / Caring and Sharing“

The theme for the design competition „Wool School Project 2013“ was „Superwool / Caring and Sharing“.

By taking account of the subject itself, the designs should have an innovative connection between shapes and processing techniques for wool fabrics sponsored by Woolmark.

The name „KAPOK“ is the source of inspiration for the displayed outfit. „KAPOK“ is a strangler fig tree that grows among other tree populations in Cambodia. Its roots overgrow the temple „Ta Prohm“ as well. Those trees mount guard over the temple like patrons and at the same time they generate people from all over the world like a magnet.

The mood of the place, the history and structure of the strangler fig trees itself generated the crucial inspiration for the look „KAPOK“ and its pattern cut. The dress fits close to the body until the heights of the knee and opens from there on. The bottom of the handbag is processed in three stages like a temple upside down. The waist is accented by a marble belt and creates a connection to the bag and its marble mosaic. The hat also engages the width and the materials of the dress. All seams are finished with a grey synthetic leather piping.

Article: Florian Schulze “Wool School Projekt 2013“