6th semester fashion design 1 (CSM London) – “deconstruct / reconstruct : OPPOSITES”

The theme „OPPOSITES“ served as a starting point for the lesson Fashion Design 1. As assumption, the research work should not start in the fashion industry. Through brainstorming outside of the fashion areas, exciting incentives should be found and incorporated in the upcoming design process. Therefore, the choice fell on the Gobi desert which is located between Mongolia and China. Based on the fact that this desert is characterized by extremely high temperatures and drought during summer and up to -65 ° C with ice and snow in winter, it fitted perfectly into the topic of this project. Based on these extremely fluctuating climate conditions the course of research work was focused on cracks in dry soil and ice and the „cracked“ skin of reptiles living there. As a result, the outfit was named „CRACKS“ and engages the choice of material with the developed research work.

The asymmetrical vest is made out of an embossed cowhide and gets a contrast in choice of materials through the segment of washed silk on the back. The skirt is made of a cotton-acrylic mix and was supplemented with the leather of the vest.