“HYPNAGOGIA – A fashion collection in delusion.“

The collection „Hypnagogia – A fashion collection in delusion.“ deals with the helplessness within different states of consciousness. Thereby Hypnagogia stands for the starting point of the design process and is explained by deceptive appearances just before or after sleep. They emerge beyond of control and bound a person through their own imagination. But this bland version of fettering hallucinations was just the first steppingstone within the evolution of the collection. The variety and intensiveness of delusions is more disturbing within the field of schizophrenia. Here the cluster of symptoms consists of destructive conditions and consists of a very dark development if it doesn´t get medicated. But it is not just about the progression of the disease or the fact that people loosing their minds and relation to reality. It is also about the history over hundreds of years where the afflicted souls where punished, killed and kept like cattle. Back then during the 18th and 19th century, they said their bodies are possessed by the devil and that´s why they locked them up in madhouses until they perished under abuse and the worst circumstances.

To capture and transform the darkness of the medical and historical facts of insanity, the sketchbook became a visual booster for the topic. It starts issue-specific as diverse and displaced as the theme itself and creates the basis for the initial designs. Through the process of joining the different categories of pictures, collages, drawings and work samples together, the first designs became part of the inspiration itself and pushed the whole theme from its hidden history up to an upmarket level. Thus, the intensiveness of design became stronger. It also exposes the fact that madness has different faces and can catch EVERYBODY without the slightest knowledge of existence. With this idea in mind the evolution of design details were created to support the concept of deception through a well made cover. The fountainhead of trimness is constituted by the disease process of schizophrenia where high-grade bedlam people have to be reminded to change their clothes and wash oneself. Thereby hairy structures grew out of the project and became the main subject for the specially produced trimmings within the collection. Elaborated processings, high-quality materials and ornamental elements generate the smokescreen for the dirty part of their origin.

Several color experiments via photoshop initiated the hue ivory for the compilation of different structured fabrics and gives a strong cohesion to the collection items. But the broken white color is not just used to set the outfits optically to a rest, it should hide all the darkness of their source as well. Only a very few details in rust-red add some color emphasis to the fainted looking range of clothing. It also reflects the fact, no matter how hard you sedate the madness via medication it won´t disappear completely, whether you like it or not. Therefore the names of the ensembles are based on the names of drugs that are used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

The growth of intensity within the design development and pathogenesis of schizophrenia were transferred to the collections structure. For this reason the collection chronology starts with the first outfit and its inspiration out of bed and builds up to an increasing ceremonial dressed appearance towards the final outfit.